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The Protocol for an "Easy Landing"

I often meet women and men during coaching sessions just as they return from a vacation or business trip, and it is so difficult for them to start functioning again.

Their head is full of ideas flourished in the "time out" they took, but the body really does not cooperate.

This weekend, we returned from a three-week trip to the US. A trip that included an exciting visit with the family, and partly for business too.

The time out I took from my routine life allowed me to work, day by day on myself.

As a result, wonderful ideas, desires, and innovations flourished in my head.

How important it is, really a necessity, to allow ourselves a special and unique time by ourself.

At the airport, our eldest son was waiting for us. He looked at us, saw our fatigue and then he asked: Do you know what a "landing protocol" is?

I was surprised. I had never heard of this concept I looked in Wikipedia and it said: procedures, comments, points, collection of rules….

I liked that it added that there is also the possibility of flexibility.

Accurate for me! Especially the flexibility😊

Now I am ready to coach the trainee, me, who feels so many

different and weird feelings.

Fatigue, inability to concentrate, restlessness, even frustration over inaction.

Awareness is power. I decided to sit down and check out what exactly was happening in me right now.


1. The body is the map of the mind.

It is currently expressing through the emotional system fatigue, restlessness, even abdominal pain probably from doing so much. At this moment, the body is demanding rest.

2. The thoughts that travel freely in my head require action, movement, shooting targets in all directions, and Passover at the door ... have you forgotten?

That's it, I understood!

I sat down and decided to create my own "Protocol for easy landing".

Feel free to use it😊

Clear (also flexible) procedures to return gently and calmly to being myself.

  • Get up in the morning for a shorter walk than usual. If I fall asleep, no criticism, there is a tomorrow.

  • Drink plenty of water during the day and thus cleanse my body of foods and sugars.

  • Listen more closely to my body for signals, like the need for rest.

  • Breaks during the day including desired sleep.

And most of all feel good about it*!

  • Make ideas and plans for next week. Right now, just register! In this part I need discipline😊

  • Focus my imagination and visualization on the wonderful photos and experiences I had on the trip.

  • It only takes 19 seconds of focusing on a happy experience and it is already up the energy and the emotional system balanced.

The training session I had with myself was successful (BH).

It is easier for me now, the emotional system is balanced the sleep is peaceful and calm

The focus has improved and I feel powerful The reason, I allowed myself to set my pace. No Push!

No criticism, no over-expectation and mostly no judgment.

Tons of love😊

Remember: You always are doing the best you can!

If you need clarification or any other help, I have returned, ready to listen to you.

Love and Light,


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