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Memories of the Six Day War

We just celebrated Yom Yerushalayim, experiencing the beautiful Tfila (prayer) in the Synagogue and feeling so connected with gratitude to H”.

I remember the exact day when a strong voice loudly announced “Hakotel Be Yadenu”, (the Wall is in our hands) with ecstasy. We couldn’t believe this was true until the pictures came, a dream manifested in our times!

I remember thinking that this is the merit we, this generation, gained back, the possibility to pray by the Kotel.

I remember the first time I touched the cold stones which have all the prayers we impregnated within them, from years and years, generation after generation. Standing with awe, me small in front of the huge wall, my heart wanted to explode!

Slowly, like it almost always happens, the pictures of the war appeared on the screen of my mind.

My mother wanting us all to fly to Europe, she lived through the second world war but lost all her family. She didn’t want to expose us to another war.

We the children, wouldn’t have it!

We made Aliya only 2 years before, felt so Israeli already, no way!

She didn’t realize how Am Israel was powerful with H” help.

Everyone was trying to help, cars on the road stopping to give a ride to those without transportation and as a miracle we were back to normal in only 6 days!!!!

Once a year on Yom Yerushalayim, seeing the youngsters dancing all the way to the Kotel with the flag dancing in the wind, once a year we can stop and say our gratitude again to H” for the amazing miracle we are living now.

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