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Schedule of Events and Programs

Interested in having Becky Rothstein run a workshop, lecture or serve on a panel?

Becky is currently working in person and virtually. Contact her to find out more details.

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🌟 Have you ever said to yourself, "This year will be different"? 🌟

You're probably thinking, "Yes, I always tell myself that but it never happens..."

With over 20 years of experience helping people reach their full potential, I can assure you that change is possible.

Introducing "The Road to Fulfillment" program.

In this intensive workshop, you'll gain the knowledge of a full coaching program valued at $2,000, for just $300.

🔥 *But hurry, we only have 10 spots left!* 🔥

Ready to make this year truly different? Call to (917) 451 1443  for more details! 😊

Ongoing Individual Coaching

  1. A one-time focused session to figure out what blocks you from growing, expanding and living a full life. Start  the year by owning your thoughts and learning how to change your thinking.

  2. Three personalized sessions to go deeper into your triggers that are taking you in the wrong direction to manifest the goals you want to achieve. The 3 sessions give you time to learn about how you are thinking and acting. 

  3. A nine-session individualized program that will end with you will feeling the energy that flows through you and the joy to create (‘BH) to use this energy to  have the life you aspire to live.


Take the next step. If you would like to talk in English, Hebrew or Spanish, with someone who has made a huge change in his/her life pls send me an email

I will be more than happy to assist you.

For details, contact Becky Rothstein

All Coaching Options

“The road to success and the road to happiness are two lanes on a single highway. The toll we pay is simply being true to ourselves.”     –Anon


Individual Coaching

Group Sessions

Speaking Engagements

Lectures and Programs


Upcoming Classes:

Becky Rothstein leads sessions in many languages. See what these clients have to say:

Some Past Programs:

2020 -2021 changed how we work together. While we couldn't meet in person, we were able to do work together through zoom.

Zoom workshop about feelings and resistance especially fears

Zoom Workshop

Zoom session about finding your strengths to manifest your dreams

Zoom Workshop

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