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Opportunities For Growth

We all encounter difficulties in all the different areas of our daily lives.

Working with Becky Rothstein will equip you with simple tools that work.


Becky's goal is to give you tools for dealing with day-to-day life, in all aspects of life.

Visit the different programs available to you.


Individual Coaching

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During individual coaching, you will learn to change the inhibiting thought patterns in your daily life.

We will look at the emotions that drive us, and the emotions that trigger our actions. Some of these emotions serve us well, and others inhibit us And even hurt us.

Contact Becky through the contact form and set a time to find out about your potential journey.



Becky's workshops cover a variety of topics including:

  • Prosperity

  • Be aware – Lose Weight

  • Stress Management Especially for Women

Learn more about upcoming workshops

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Lectures and Panels


Becky is available for in person and virtual lectures with your group. Topics include:

  • Conscious approach to weight loss

  • Live with the fear

  • The experience of prosperity and abundance in our lives

Learn more about upcoming lectures and scheduling one for your group.


Teacher Training In Israel

Learn How to Assist Other in Their Growth.. While Enhancing Your Own Personal Growth and Adding More Light and Love to Our Planet!

Becky Rothstein is the only certified teacher-trainer in Israel.

People from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training. More important than your current career is your commitment to helping people heal their lives. If you are practicing mental and spiritual principles in your own life (in Louise Hays’ book, You Can Heal Your Life), experiencing positive results, and have a deep desire to be of service, you are eligible to attend this training.

Book a time to discuss Teacher-Training with Becky.

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