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Taking New Steps Forward

I am in Scottsdale, Arizona fully present with a large range of feelings:


Excited, fearful, happy, and stressed with this huge step I have taken in front of me.


“Who do you think you are” my inner child is constantly asking me and every time I shrink again as I think of the Seminar starting BH tomorrow.


The World Class Seminar from Voss Co with Arash Vossoughi is about to start.

I’ve heard his name mentioned many times these last two years as I have been studying the Bob Proctor programs. Arash was Bob’s special student, and he continues Bobs legacy.


25 years ago, my life changed completely when I first joined the Louise Hays program in San Diego “YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE”. I was so amazed at the simple tools Louise taught, that coming back home to Israel I started teaching this method wherever I could. In 2002 I received the privilege to certify teachers in Israel and today we have created a family of teachers and coaches helping people to improve their quality of life.


Tomorrow I am opening myself BH to a higher understanding, to go deeper into our old programing in order to help myself and others.


I know that feelings are the secret, so I listen quietly to my inner self to choose what to think in order to feel the gratitude for being here. Gratitude is such a powerful tool to change our energy/feelings.


I am all present and all in to experience this amazing opportunity for growth!



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