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The Metal Detector

One of our grandchildren asked for his “Afikoman” present to be a metal detector device.

I admit, I did not quite know what the reason was, nor why he needed it.

He is not even eleven years old. Does he want to be a researcher, go to the sea, or discover gold😊?

As I was walked this morning, I imagined that inside of ourselves, we each have a metal detector.

The obvious question is, do we use it to discover soft metals like silver and gold?

Or maybe, it controls us, looking constantly and everywhere for hard metals like iron ...

God created a wonderful creation with tremendous inner strengths, to properly live our life

He gave us the power of choice, the willpower, the ability to focus

and the ability of intuition.

Using these powers, while experiencing your life, what will you look for with your metal detector?

In my opinion, everyone will want to discover soft metals like

silver and gold, which, for me, expresses f light and love, joy, and an attitude of giving and beauty, abundance, and prosperity.

What keeps you from concentrating on these good feelings throughout the day?

Experiencing positive emotions, moves us forward to success.

We become aware of the purpose of our lives, our destiny.

Do you want to learn some more how to improve the quality of your life?

Do you want to learn a simple and clear way how to maintain high energy and positivity during the day?

Even when the environment wants to convince you that everything is bad, God forbid, that nothing will change, you can keep your energy up by demanding positivity from your subconscious mind.

Learning is the only way to change.

I study all the time.

It is a wonderful investment to be aware of what you need to change, to empower, sharpen and polish the good traits in you.

There is a way that works, that brings results, that is learned in the whole world, the Louise Hay method “You can Heal your Life”

This empowering work with me is done in Israel privately or in workshops and by zoom outside of Israel

During these recent holy days between remembering the Holocaust and Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence Day) we want to build a better future for us, for our children, for future generations.

Let us share this knowledge because thank Gd we were saved.

Be blessed


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