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Sense of Lacking

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Many of my clients have a deeply rooted sense of lacking. Probably we heard as children many lessons of, “not enough,” and we tell ourselves the same stories throughout our lives.

Most of us never fear a lack of air to breathe! And still it happens…When I was young, I was sure I would drown, when once I missed the side of the pool with my hand and panicked, unable to catch a breath.

I remember too, during our family summer outings to the beach, when I was playing near the waters. A wave hit me in a wall of water and threw me upward. It took me years to reenter the sea.

Anyone suffering from an asthma attack knows what it is to be out of breath, like an exhausted athlete. We enter survival mode and experience the paralysis of fear.

Fears are a part of life. To manage them the first requirement is to recognize them, name them, befriend them, and develop faith that light always follows darkness.

We need a new perspective. Abraham understood at the last moment that he wasn’t required to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Noticing a thicket nearby, he found his solution in an entangled copse of nearby bushes. We are caught in the thicket of the mind until we can release our predetermined conceptions and see reality differently.

In this way we learn to trust ourselves, having faith that whatever we need comes to us exactly when we need it.

How do you develop and strengthen faith? By demanding a new attitude that attracts your wishes, not by running after them. You do this by repeating positive visions and statements, a new mold to hold your faith and house the solution. You open yourself to receive it, letting go of the stress of its absence.

Herein lies trust. You strengthen that trust in commitment, support, assurance and in knowing that what you need is available to you.

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