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Passover Together

Everyone is so excited! Passover is approaching.

We are all together, preparing for the holiday, exactly how the celebration should be. The atmosphere is changing. The kids are with us, preparing together, that makes me feel wonderful.

Preparations for the holiday begin ... Grapes come in large boxes, grapes in different colors: green, pink, black ...

We're all together, it's the fun, the ... togetherness, preparing the wine for the whole year like the work of the ants.

Dad takes me to the barn; I don’t remember if one of my siblings joined us but

I clearly remember I'm there.

I see the milking process, getting excited every year like it is the first time.

Fill the vessel with milk, bring home to my mother, for her preparations.

Mom makes white cheese and butter from the milk, all especially for Passover.

The smells, the atmosphere of rejoicing, the feeling of togetherness is what is so wonderful for me

We did not know the tiring experience of going to the supermarket, checking the kosher sign in the products, the clutter on the shelves, the many people, the noise….

The abundance is great and still creates different feelings in me.

Something is missing

Everything was done at home. We all experienced it together.

Everything in such a special atmosphere.

The whole house had a special glow from our energy, from the joy of the holiday ahead.

Still today, what remains in my heart as the Passover comes near, is the excitement and expectation for a big day!

At this hectic time, I sometimes hear negative conversations within me

and around me. Words that express fatigue, stress, dissatisfaction.

What do I still need to do?... What hasn’t been done yet?... Why no one is here to help?...

The last workshop I conducted, was called "so much so".

The main conversation was about the influence of thinking patterns. Beliefs and ideas from childhood and our life experiences, that affect us daily.

We need to learn that our inner voice, our choices of thoughts, that is supposed to be run by us, is usually run by it.

It may make us forget the feelings of excitement, the power of the imagination, the preparations out of joy in the heart. Mainly the purpose of why are we doing all this?

True freedom, Pesach, is also knowing that we are allowed to choose what to think, therefore what to feel and as a result to move at our own pace.

You need to give yourself good and loving statements, be worthy of your own support, and feel that you are worthy of excitement, of love.

At the workshop I explained that when you choose to experience the present,

you are in a place of choice. Isn’t this liberation? The essence of Passover is to feel free.

How do you do that? How do we learn to manage our inner voice?


- In the morning walk, you can focus on sights that surrounds you, choose to look at the colors of nature, without interpretation.

- Listen deeply, to the chirping of birds or to the wind that blows and gently moves the leaves.

Practicing focus on one sense with extra attention, empties the chatter within, and allows us to choose the thoughts and feelings that support us.

- Drink more water

- Sit and rest in between tasks

- Look at the things you have achieved already

- Go to the mirror and support yourself with lovely words like: Well done!!!

Happy and kosher holiday,

With love,


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