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My bag has always been almost like any woman's bag,

including an entire house.

I have with me an extra: pencils.

Wherever I go and especially meeting with the grandchildren, (the corona has deprived us of this special time)

I will carry with me coloring pencils or pandas and pages ready for drawing.

Sometimes blank pages, sometimes mandalas, the main thing is pencils to draw.

I have always loved to paint. In my adulthood and also after my marriage, I attended various painting courses. I especially liked the chalk drawing.

In the first lessons I learned the concept of composition.

A composition or creation whose whole parts fit together and create something beautiful.

I vaguely remember, many years ago, when in one moment I stopped completely!

The reason I do remember with the pain included

This inner need that flowed through me this joy I felt to paint disappeared in a split of a moment.

The rage and criticism directed at me from within me, forced me to rip and throw away all my creations! Not good enough was the cruel song!

In retrospect, in a moment of reflection, from the frustration and anger, an expression of beauty grew out from me in a new fresh way, interior design.

I fell in love with the profession and practiced it for many years. And the eye trained to recognize beauty did not stop looking…

In this special morning the sight of a perfect composition met me in all its beauty and splendor

This time the painter was the Creator.

Every morning, I walk, through paths full of amazing vegetation. This morning, I do not know if my soul needed that, I immediately was to connected to beauty, A kind of mirror, or perhaps the sunlight that warmed the flowers, the thought of "composition" came out of me, in a flash.

With that the memory of me always searching for pencils, oil paints, chalks and everything you can use to draw.

The special smell of the oil paint on the canvas awoke in my nostrils.

I thought, perhaps following the workshop I conducted over the past two weeks in Zoom in English, on the subject of relationships, the connection came to my mind that the idea of composition is the work needed in every relationship and the work can be wonderful.

Perfect composition. What is a relationship if not a connection or a work whose whole parts fit together and create something beautiful?

I believe God has given us a variety of colors, which are our feelings, brushes in our hands, and asked us: Draw your life.

Pay attention to the composition you have created in your life.

Are the colors you have used made you happy? Maybe exciting? Maybe challenging?

Are there, in your composition, habits and behaviors that you could pay attention in order to upgrade the work? It is possible!

For over 22 years I have been conducting workshops using the "Heal Your Life" method by Louise Hay.

Awareness is power.

Once we take responsibility and are ready to look at our lives with love and compassion, at that moment we can use our brushes and refresh the composition according to our wishes

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