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Positive Thinking Found Upon Jewish Thought

Creating your personal path toward joy in your daily life

and bringing you to your true self

Becky teaches how to release negative emotions, including:

  • Pain and Guilt

  • Fear and Worries

  • Anger and Resentment

  • Criticism and Judgement

  • Difficult relationships

  • Hardship due to financial circumstances

  • Fear controlling our decisions at work

Working with Coach Becky Rothstein will equip you with tools that work. Becky has dedicated her career to teaching methods for positive thinking that enable personal growth and reduces stress and tension in client’s lives.


With over 30 years of experience, Becky knows how to precisely identify issues that people are struggling with – sometimes even before they are aware of them.


Becky gives her clients tools that work and is the only authorized Louise Hay method Teacher Trainer in Israel. Learn more about Becky.

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Opportunities to Grow

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Individual Coaching

Personal Training

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While my life has been considerably good, I felt stress overpowering me and taking a hold of my life. Becky helped me look inwards, find the reasons, and change my energy level in a Jewish manner- be thankful for all I have and enjoy the gifts that G-od had given me. This not only changed my mode and attitude but helped me inspire all my surrounding.

Shoshi - USA


Becky Rothstein combines the magic of compassionate kindness with the revelation of honest assessment. With tremendous skill she listens keenly and provides feedback to lead you to your truest heart-self. I count her guidance as a blessing.


Guinat - Macrobiotic Therapist  Israel

Life is short and it’s our responsibility to fill it with happy meaningful moments, in a world that we experience so many emotions, we can use some great guidance and I got that by working with Becky.
She was and is a tremendous help, helping me make life’s journey more beautiful.

Susan - USA


Becky Rothstein Coaching

Based in Tel Aviv, available to teach throughout the world

 Israel: 054-7732336 | US: 1-917-451-1443

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