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Unravel the Ties

When I was little, I dreamed like most girls to get married.

My Dad z”l, when I came to him with the gold chain

with a Star of David I received as a gift full of knots again,

He would tell me:

When you know how to untie the knots on your own, you will be ready to get married😊

Dad was right!

In the "Heal Your Life" training work, this is exactly the process you go through.

We help you unravel the old ties, beliefs and opinions that no longer contribute to you.

Imaginary works that are in the screen of consciousness that navigate you in life, not always in the direction you intend to reach

Attention, some claim that it takes only about 16 seconds, focused at some imaginary point, has the ability to lead you to experience it for real!

By focusing on a painful subject, the subconscious mind raises feelings that are compatible with the thought.

You feel a sense of helplessness, fear, perhaps criticism and self-judgment’ when in the depths lurks a strong belief that

you, as you are, is not good enough

It surprises me every time again the trainee's confident statement:

Becky, you do not understand, I know myself "

Really? .... absolutely not!

You think of yourself according to what you were told in your childhood and adulthood

Maybe that you are lazy, you do not like to help, you can not ....

We were all outstanding students😊

Without intellect or with the inability to understand or test whether it is real and true for you, you believed the adults, they probably knew.

Their goal was to lead you to your best, in the educational path they chose

You learned you're not enough '

This is how beliefs are formed: we are lazy, incapable, sometimes without self-worth although God has put potential within us, there is infinite light we need to discover

All you have to do is recognize the inner light within you and unravel the old learning that does not contribute to the realization of your dreams. Just like untying knots in a chain.

How right Dad was!

The old connections and believes in the fabric of thought are especially expressed on the social level.

In the experience of marriage, children and adolescent parents

When you are ready to untie the knots, you can choose to be who you really are

You can weaken the old beliefs that are in the subconscious and choose happiness!

The goal is to reconnect with the inner light within you

that is patiently waiting to be revealed

Hanukkah at the door - a time for this revelation

Time to discover your self-worth, self-image, the inner strengths that exist within you

For progress, for renewal and well-being.

It is possible!

Come and join the "Heal Your Life in Israel" family

And you will learn how to feel worthy of the good that Gd has prepared for you!

Here is your first task

Call 0547732336

Waiting for you

with love


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