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A message that I sent to my recent class:

Dear friends,

Thank you for your trust, the warm words you wrote to me after we finished our Trainings

and, for being there more than once to support me.

Thank to you for walking together on this journey with me

of becoming more aware and moving forward to a more satisfied life.

After the intensity of the training, I was very tired and just want to sleep.

We finished these two long weeks of courses which ended with the certification

that allows the participants to give lectures and lead groups,

based on the "heal your life" method developed by Louise Hay.

These two weeks required tremendous concentration, emotional upheavals and brought on a lot of turmoil to work through.

The energy, the emotional load and the needing to release previous believes, creates a special atmosphere every time.

This year, I felt my heartbeat so many times during the processes we went through.

At the begging I saw some participants stressed, with pain and sorrow expressed in their eyes.

Every day that passed had a change in the energy and

Some participants experienced deep healing.

A visible miracle appeared before my eyes, more than once I skipped a (heart)beat.

Some cried quietly and I just placed a handkerchief in their hands, or extended a gentle hand

to avoid disturbing while they’re in the process of healing.

I look at them while they were doing different exercises and a thought passed my mind... I was really sorry I didn’t take a picture of their faces because it looked as if they underwent a facial treatment.

The skin seemed so clean, eyes were shining, they were smiling even through the tears.

Because this time they were tears of excitement!

So many times, over the years I have been shown the healing process during practices.

I have asked myself again and again, is this really happening?

If I were to ask those who were there, I am sure they have felt that power too.

The inner light, the divine part that was hidden before our eyes, is suddenly revealed in all its glory.

I remember, I was also there many times as a participant,

I cried too......I shared too....and my life changed too....

The method really works!

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