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The Voice of God on the Water

The voice of God on the water

At the end of the morning walk, I sit on a bench,

Just before the noise and activity. I practice relaxation.

I close my eyes behind the sunglasses and reconnect

The inner peace that is always there for me, awaits me.

Some say that there, in the inner stillness, lies the wisdom.I take a few deep, quiet breaths and feel my body

slowly releasing the tension, the effort of walking.

As soon as I am quiet and my mind is slowing down,

a feeling of joy arises in me

Gratitude for the way God has privileged me paving my way.

The gifts I received and also for the stones that met me along the way.

Our lives are full of challenges all the time. Pain is a means to grow, suffering is a choice.

This morning, in one moment of peace and quiet, I am already there,

a calm and wonderful place in my childhood

The birds take command like every day. Listening only to them and the noise from the surroundings, noisy cars, children going to school, everything disappears in an instant.

The birds lead me this time to the sea

The heart beats become strong as the memory comes up to the screen of my mind, the longing intensifies and the eyes fill with tears.

I'm there. Far away. Both in the distance and in the years.

I am again at the sea

During holidays we traveled from the city to the sea for a long period of great freedom, weeks of wonderful sceneries

I can smell he calm sea that was never calm.

The childhood experiences, especially those at sea, leave me with strong longing for the past but also, with a strong sense of gratitude for everything that brought me to this day.

The relaxation and imaging exercises I practice every morning

they contribute so much to me.

The serenity and balance in preparation for the day, for receiving new ways and answers from the inner wisdom, they strengthen the feeling of gratitude for the past, present and future.

With the Louise Hay's "Heal Your Life" method we learn how to let go, to build a clear picture of a dream we want to experience, to intensify the corresponding emotion in order to allow the subconscious mind to guide me to help others

In the first stage, as a basis for practicing relaxation and imaging,

inner peace must be created.

Our lives are full of action and noises and the calm phase of “reset” is necessary for change and growth.

In order to achieve that, please concentrate on the nostrils for about two minutes, feeling how the air enters and exits in its own pace

Slowly the brain waves slow down and allow you the inner peace you desire.

You could also say in your heart, I allow myself to let go

At the second stage we will impress the subconscious by a clear picture and a corresponding emotion of the desired goal

Keep the image in the imagination and repeat the exercise

over and over again.

You will be able to see how the faith within you has grown, the dream is now possible to be manifested

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