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The Time of Sukkot

Dear friends,

During the holiday of Sukkot, in which we are currently in, the mitzvah is to be happy. It says "and you are happy in your holiday"

And since this commandment is a challenge for most of us, it is time, right now, to work and practice joy.

Can I command myself to be happy?

Let's remember that joy is a muscle that we forget to exercise, and like any muscle in the body, “If you don't use you abuse and you lose it” 😊

The holiday of Sukkot, the holiday of joy, comes close to the holiest day in Jewish life, Yom Kippur.

At the end of the Yom Kippur day, during Neila, I felt a special strong energy flowing through me.

An enveloping feeling of love and warmth even though my physical body was tired, even exhausted,

The thought that everything is forgotten, forgiven, that we start over, fresh and anew, helped me to "get excited" and experience a deep feeling of joy.

Before Yom Kippur, I zoomed a session to women and men separately on the subject of forgiveness,

I explained that part of the forgiveness process is the ability to let go of the experience of the past.

Feelings of vulnerability, pain, frustration, criticism, and helplessness.

To allow other thoughts to wash over the mind,

When a person lets go, the Creator guides, brings us a present, the possibility of Inner peace.

What's the point of suffering twice?

Past tense in the experience itself and then an imagination through memory?

The feeling of freedom that comes from the ability to forgive, allows us

to celebrate Sukkot with great joy!

I have been asked many times: Becky, how will I know that I have truly forgiven?

Feelings are always the navigator - they will tell you the truth

A sense of self-esteem, of power, of choice and finally of compassion

Those are the proof that you have forgiven.

I wish you Chag Sameach

A holiday full of joy in the heart that will, as promised,

remain with you all year long

Happy holiday

Would you like to work with me to reach the point of forgiveness?

To feel the energy of joy flowing easily in you?

Reach me at

54-7732336 +(972)

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