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Mishenichnas Adar Marbin B'Simcha--when one enters into Adar, we increase our joy.

מי שנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה

Is it possible to consciously for the heart to feel joy? If it were impossible, would we be asked to hold "Adar Marbin b’simcha - with joy"? Last week and again this week, our people cried over the suffering and loss of life in Israel and around the world.

How can we now after such hard news decide and be happy despite the deep sorrow?

We are commanded by the One who said, "And you chose life", to reveal the thing that will stir our hearts, that feeling of joy, because joy is life!

For me, music, singing, allows me to rise above reality, as painful as it may be.

The melody awakens the low energy, strengthens it and allows me to choose thoughts

that will open my heart to happiness.

Despite the tears, as I started to sing, my heart was filled with a different feeling. I allowed myself to imagine a new reality and the joy came.

When the images fill the imagination with sorrow and pain, we cannot help ourselves or others, and I am drained of energy.

Each person has their own inner melody and in order to express this melody, they must be in waves of flow, of acceptance. Resistance to the reality causes pain.

Real change is possible by a change of thought.

We all want to experience happiness. It is possible, it is life, it is growth, health and much more. In the month of Adar, with the conscious decision that we wish to intensify our desire for joy, the path will open by itself.

We will get rid of gloomy thoughts; we will focus on the huge miracle that "in His grace" he created a miracle for our people, and we will remember that H” only asks of us:

"Open for me an opening like the point of a needle and I will open for you an opening like the opening of a hall."

So where do we start?

By working with full heart.

  • Preparing the meal with our heart

  • Delivering Mishloach Manot with our heart

  • Helping the poor with our heart

Every act I do, I am all in it.

The act itself will already fill my heart with joy. It is possible to reactivate the heart muscle, the muscle of joy.

"I am happy and thank you H” for allowing myself to be happy. And let's not forget the powerful exercise of gratitude, which leaves you feeling really great.

Each of us has so many reasons to be thankful for.

Happy Purim

with love,


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