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Mail Boxes

Walking through my neighborhood this morning, I passed a row of mailboxes, and suddenly I was transported to my childhood in Chile over 60 years ago. I could feel my skin tingle with excitement, remembering how my father would hand me a small key to open our box. I waited for that feeling every Sunday! I felt so safe with my father guiding me.

Today the unknown frightens me. There are so many small boxes in our hearts that we don’t open because we are afraid. Sometimes we are even handed the key to open it, and we say, “Not now. I’m not ready.”

I recently invited a good friend to my upcoming workshop. She refused, citing a past misunderstanding between us from many years ago, when she’d felt criticized. She prefers to keep the box closed rather than air it out. Of course, I apologized, and still she wouldn’t let herself forgive. So, she missed an opportunity.

Are you aware of the infinite boxes that you hold in your chest of drawers? They hinder your advancement, growth, and joy. When you love who you are and appreciate the wonderment in you, that is the right time to open the smallest box, the one that feels safe, and to begin your healing.

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