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I stand motionless, a little girl close to Dad.

I am very quiet, excited, the status is binding, although I am not sure what the situation is.

Dad wraps us both in a Shabbat tallit with the shiny crown, I do not move. I feel so protected.

Years after the special status I experienced as a child, a classmate asked me if I usually go to synagogue on Saturday.

I thought about it and replied to her and in fact to myself, that I had not internalized this habit at home.

The synagogue that Dad used to walk in the shade (we lived in Chile and the Synagogue was a long walk away so we went only on holiday).

Abroad a priestly blessing is said only on holidays.

She answered me in amazement, do you know you're missing something so big? Priestly Blessing!

I started with her recommendation, to go on Shabbat for the Chodesh blessing

The sweet taste of then I feel even today when the priestly blessing is happening

I am again the protected girl under Dad's tallit, wonderful feeling!

Today, during the Priestly Blessing, I close my eyes and feel the blessing caress me.

I allow it to flow within me and soften, heal, empower me.

I share with you the relaxation that I practice every day, in the morning, my private priestly blessing.

You probably know that the subconscious does not notice whether the experience actually exists at the moment or not.

And so, I get to feel each morning protected blessed and grateful.

The light we imagine in the relaxation is the expression of the energy that God in His grace pours into us, a feeling that quiets my mind and I feel peaceful and capable

Here is the relaxation:

Sit in a safe place or lie on the bed…. Are you comfortable? …The more relaxed you are, the slower and quieter is your breathing…. It helps you to let go…. Imagine a yellowish white light entering you through the crown (above your head). … .and the light flows down slowly….it purifies your body… .and the words that will come out of your mouth during this day are going to be words of love… the light flows down… .and heals the heart…. you feel a wave of relaxation telling you in its own way…all is well...…the yellow light becomes a circle of love…. the desire for love is strengthened …… the belief that you can…. You allow the light through your heart to be send forward to your love ones…this light flows to your knees where maybe you are holding your fears…you feel calm… the light flows down to earth…and allows you to imagine walking lightly this morning…with this wonderful feeling of security like been wrapped in a tallit. .G”d is taking care of you….. Slowly you will open your eyes

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