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Hi Grandma, my positive grandmother - positive!!!

A sweet recording in WhatsApp waited for me this morning from my sweet granddaughter.

She is doing this year the Sherut Leumi (service) in the United States instead of being in the Israeli army

Yes, her positive grandmother is now covid positive

I feel really ok and maybe I need to thank the Pfizer company

which allowed me, with the abundance of vaccines I have received,

to develop antibodies.

Maybe not so much as to prevent the infection, at least reduce the symptoms

Childhood memories meet me now in between cough and tissues

How much fun was then to be a sick girl?

I remember the ironed sheets that met my warm body after a refreshing bath to reduce fever.

Juices were served like being in a 10 stars hotel, and the pampering … wow the pampering!

What the girl wants or does not want to eat she is allowed to choose

(For us it was a very sensitive issue)

We had to eat what we liked or did not like because we were told again and again that children from Biafra were starving children

Why did they mention the hungry children in Africa I never dared to ask?

It might have been easier to talk about a very distant kingdom instead of God forbid to mention the children of the Holocaust, which my mother had been.

In short, the sick child was allowed to be free of any responsibility on any issue, it was wonderful!

Even today it becomes acceptable when you want to escape responsibility, when you need a break to call yourself sick

There is a kind of transparent agreement where the doctor will be paid for the visit and the patient will becomes healthy as he goes out of the office.

Many times, we stretch the rope a little more than …


The body is really looking for a pause

You can walk, read in a warm bath, have a nice cup of coffee with a friend

Do you feel you deserve this pause?

Or you are finding excuses not to let go?

Would you like to be more aware of your body’s need?

Would you like to feel deserving of a long vacation?

I’d like to help you!

Please contact me at

Love and Light


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